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How to choose content management tools on a developer’s blog

Web-based desktop applications are replacing desktop applications. Thanks to the network, web applications are more accessible, applicable in any fixed and mobile terminals, able to reach large audiences. Therefore, the products of front-end developers are becoming more popular. To increase work efficiency, facilitate some labor-intensive processes, you need to responsibly approach the selection of developer tools.
It is important for creators to receive information about their products from users in order to make timely adjustments. For establishing effective feedback, the developer’s blog is most suitable: the site creator monitors the reaction of customers, helps with tips and tricks. Since the blogger has to communicate a lot in text format, the optimal tools for creating content are needed.

Criterias of choice

The developer of WordPress, a site on CMS, will use programs that are slightly different from software for specialized blog platforms. But any software should provide the convenience of writing and editing text materials. Choosing tools for the blog of site developers among the technologies of the Content Management System (CMS), you need to take into account the degree of development of a particular development. To determine the best option, you should pay attention to such factors:

  1. Number of downloads. The greater the popularity of technology on the market, the higher the likelihood that this is high-quality software.
  2. Download speed. The higher the speed, the higher the rating of the content management system.
  3. The number of installed CMS. The number of installations is not always proportional to the number of real users. The software in the backing developer’s blog can be downloaded for educational purposes.
  4. Availability of supporting or training materials.

Familiarity with the features of the software can be greatly facilitated by the availability of additional instructions.

Blogger Data Room Services

The data room greatly facilitates the work of a blog for a software developer. The Data Room allows you to:

  • quickly download files of any format (text, photo, audio, video), organize and archive documents;
  • easy to manage files, create folders;
  • access the contents of the M&A data room from any modern device with Internet access;
  • Provide access to documents to other users (co-authors, readers).
Virtual Data Room Providers offer robust security.

Data room providers guarantee maintenance of virtual data room software by
Virtual data room services are affordable for ordinary users.


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